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Posted: 11:24 AM Jun 2, 2008

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Message from: firecracker5991@yahoo,.com

Subject: Certegy & Trident Assest Management Companies

Message: These companies (both are companies that handle returned checks from individuals - and then you are declined at the store, Walmart, Jewel, Kmart, Dollor Generals etc until it's cleard up - it's takes alot to get to someone who will even listen and then no one will help or take responsiblity!)and for the second time - frooze up my checking account and declined checks, I'M NOT THE PERSON WHO THE CHECK EVEN BELONGS TOO! Orginally started in 2008 and now again!

They won't speak to each other to clear up the matter on the phone and say it's the other ones fualt! To the point of rudeness that I was told "you get more bee's with honey" and hung up on! I cannot believe anyone has to tolerate this treatment or have their account being declined because no one wants to take responsbility or do their job! If you would like to know more of what I had to go with (and I'm sure I can't possible be the only one dealing with these companies!) please let me know and I can provide a lot more of the details.

I am working on also contacting the Better Business Bureau and anyone else that should know about the issues regarding this experience also.

Thank you for you time,

Sincerely Deb Thompson

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