wrote a check in the amount of $ 55.26 at Sally's Beauty Supply in Edmond, OK and check was denied! The whole thing made no sense since they only used my drivers license as verification.

They never entered my checking account number so there is no way it would know if I had money in the bank or not. The girl at Sally's could not offer me an explanation when I told her that I had several thousand dollars in my checking account and this was ridiculous. She also gave me a small Certegy card that has their "Dear Customer - we are sorry that your check could not be authorized" explaining that Certergy did not have sufficient informaton available to approve the transaction, or this transaction exceeded a pre-established limit. Also advising me that I can call them toll free.

It also says if I contact them - I have to give them my full name & address, drivers license, telephone number, check number, check amount, checking account number, financial institution, date of declined check and business where check was declined! WHAT A JOKE! They declined me by only using my drivers license as reference..........and then later want all pertinent information after-the-fact. Wonder what these businesses are paying for this ridiculous service?

They are losing business by using Certegy!

I luckily had a credit card available and was able to pay for what I purchased - which in turn, did cost Sally's an additional fee to the credit company. CERTEGY IS A RIP-OFF.........

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San Jose, California, United States #751760

It was your drivers license being denies. Once you bounce a check it is flagged in the system and cannot go through.


No surprise here. In August, 2013 Certegy agreed to pay $3.5 million for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


As a small business owner, I am weary of checks. It seems to me that if someone with a bank account is not willing to use a debit card, then they may not have sufficient funds to cover the check. These days a check is a means to stetch payment in hopes funds are there when it hits the bank.

to Anonymous #1374060

Sometime you have lost or not yet received your debit card! One way to safely except checks is to make sure that you have a phone number for the person a valid phone number make sure that it is valid phone number!!

Make sure you copied and all the information from there drivers license keep a copy receipt of what you sold to them. This way if it does come back be the type of person to personally call them!! I also own a small business and if had all of the above happen!! Most people who don't have a debit card I've never had an issue with a card bouncing and then I've had checks bounce from people that have shops at my store and threw my business many many times if like they were building up my trust or something smh however when they did bounce I caught contact immediately with them directly not my bank not there bank but that person and they were more than willing to come in then sell and take care of it then having to deal with the bank and possibly ruining there credit or anything like that and I still allowed them to actually do business with me because it shows me that they were willing to take care of it and accident happened.

It makes me happy though to know that I'm doing the right thing by not just going through my bank because you never know what happened or why that bounce so it gives you the chance to become something better than just a business owner it makes you a part of your community and I have to say out of the four times I've had checks bounce I have had for different times people come back in and pay for everything and all the charges would went through my bank!! It worked out much better than the one time I allowed the banks to deal with it for a purchase of over $300 and I never seen a dollar of that money come back to me!!

And the sad thing is is it bank ended up pressing charges on that person over the $300 check and they ended up spending the holidays away from their first born child who it just came home from overseas it was an older couple and it literally broke my heart if I had just went to him the old man kept saying he would have happily brought me the money he said this to me in tears in a courtroom and I begged the judge to please me lenient on him that I had not pressed charges!! So make sure you think of all of these things the next time somebody does offer you a check the there are reasons why people do right a check you get a perfect front of copy back to you within a week knowing what you spent and we're its a good way to keep track of where you spend your money vs losing track of using your debit card or credit card and having to wait a month for statement and you can usually call your bank and find out exactly where you're checks have been written everything a debit card I just wish looking back now that I had called him so after that horrible horrible incident I made sure to get in contact with everyone whoever wrote me a check that was bad and they were more than willing to come in and I handled it very professionally and with kindness


Looks like this is a big problem for Certegy, they just agreed to pay a $3.5 million for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act. See - http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2013/08/certegy.shtm


Sorry but businesses have a fight to deny any check they see fit.

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