This past Sunday, March 17 I was at Dillards purchasing some items with a check however my check was declined. Never has my check ever been declined at Dillards where I shop often.

How humilliating. I called the 800 number and was told that it was not declined due to bad checks, only that it was a precaution and that future checks would not be declined. Right, well the next day at Target my check was declined again by Centergy. Another embarrasment.

Now this is getting ridiculous. I called Centergy and they confirmed again, was not due to bad checks and couldn't guarantee me that any future checks would not be declined.

I was so mad and let them know how pissed I was that I couldn't use my preferred method of payment. This is going to hurt businessess because people will be reluctant to shop where there checks are not accepted.

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Who the *** writes checks anymore at a retail establishment anymore? Use the check card your bank offers and quit wasting other people's time.

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #792746

I tried to purchase a TV at Best Buy with more than sufficient funds in my account. My check was rejected.

Reason? New account. Well, gee, I had recently relocated to Iowa for work and opened an account here thinking local checks would be accepted more readily than ones from out of state. Brick and mortar stores wonder why the demise...this is part of the reason.

I had a credit card but was so angry at their policy, I went online to amazon.com, purchased the TV for a hundred less (no shipping charge with Prime) and lo and behold, was allowed to use my checking account to purchase.

After looking online about this check authorization company, I will not be purchasing anything at any store that uses Certegy. At least other check authorization services base their rejection decisions on whether or not there are funds in the account or other pertinent data such as whether or not the check writer has a history of bouncing checks.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #625206

It isn't the store's fault that your checks are being denied. If Certegy is like Telecheck, according to what I learned about Telecheck, when I googled it, it is done randomly, because there is a chance that your identity has been stolen. Do some research and see what you can find out.

to anonymous #625302

I never faulted or complained about the stores, only Certegy. Certegy told me that my check writing patterns didn't fit whatever criteria they have that makes it acceptable however couldn't tell me what patter that's supposed to be.

Telecheck has never declined my checks. This is not random and I've done my research. It's Certegy's practices that are completely ridiculous.

I have found numerous complaints about Certegy on the web.

to anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #634861

Are you black?

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