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I went to my local Wal-Mart to cash some checks I had gotten as rebates from my dental insurance company. I cash my payroll checks there as well and I have never had a problem.

The clerk went to process my first check and it was declined reason 2 and I was told to call Certegy. Of course I work for a company that uses Certegy for our check by phones and I have heard several complaints about them. I called them the first time and after I struggled through the automated system I got someone who told me after he had my on hold for 4 minutes he could not find anything wrong and to run again as it could be a system issue. We tried it and one more check again and both declined reason 2.

I, my fiancee, the clerk waiting on my and the manager on duty found it very odd as they know me by name and my face as I cash checks there when I get paid. They apologize to me and of course I tell them it is not their fault and I am not going to take up their time or other customers time I left and called again. The second time they first told me that they had a system update and then took my information I had to wait on hold again for about another four minutes which is an inappropriate amount of time as you should always check on a customer after two minutes. They do not he did come on then proceeded to tell me that he could do nothing for me as I was flagged as possible fraud due to my check cashing history.

I stated what caused that and at first he said that he had no reason. I said I have cashed my pay checks there before and they have been much larger and he did admit that he seen that was true. When I asked again why I was flagged he said that it could be that my name did not match up to the check. I said that I had changed my name about an year and a half ago legally in a divorce and my social security card and license matched accordingly and I had been cashing checks under my maiden name since.

Also that my name change took place before I started with my employer and he said oh yeah I do see that did happen and this has been your name and address since then. So I asked if I had any bad checks out and he said no and I will admit that I had some bad checks a while back but I had paid them and I had to deal with certegy due to a bank error before and they did bilk me then so I have been soured ever since. I did ask again he said that he could not give a reason and bad checks were in no behind the decision. But my recent check cashing activity showed signs of fraud and they could not allow me to cash my check that was for $32.00.

I told him well I certainly understand why my customers call me upset about their customer service and I agree with them. I also went and to work and told my coworkers and they agreed that it was wrong.

I understand that you have to protect against fraud and identity theft as I work in fraud prevention but this is over the line. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and plan on cotacting my state's attourney general along with a lawyer as I am considering filing a lawsuit for defamation of charecter.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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Cranford, New Jersey, United States #1344222

I went to Walmart today, to cash my income-tax refund, and was denied. No reason; Certegy just flagged it.

I cash my pay-roll checks with Walmart every other week. There is no reason for me to have been flagged. I have never so much as received a traffic ticket, nor have I so much as been late with a bill. There is nothing "shady" about me.

Seriously, Certegy??? Now I have to see if I can get it cashed at a check cashing place and pay outrageous fees???

Totally unfair!!! :(

Birmingham, Michigan, United States #796443

Yes this company is awful Walmart is starting to get a bad name because of this company. Certegy, I have a good check history but my check was refused.


I tried to purchase a TV at Best Buy with more than sufficient funds in my account. My check was rejected.

Reason? New account. Well, gee, I had recently relocated to Iowa for work and opened an account here thinking local checks would be accepted more readily than ones from out of state. Brick and mortar stores wonder why the demise...this is part of the reason.

I had a credit card but was so angry at their policy, I went online to amazon.com, purchased the TV for a hundred less (no shipping charge with Prime) and lo and behold, was allowed to use my checking account to purchase. After looking online about this check authorization company, I will not be purchasing anything at any store that uses Certegy.

At least other check authorization services base their rejection decisions on whether or not there are funds in the account or other pertinent data such as whether or not the check writer has a history of bouncing checks. :(

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #705715

I think laws MUST be passed to force bastards like Certegy to put up or shut up. If they cannot present at least some credible negative reasons for declining (hence, embarrassing) people and causing them great inconvenience, then they should be liable for civil suit at the least and be assessed LARGE damages fines.

Frankly, if Congress can investigate a damned baseball player's drug use, then they can also investigate THESE scummy little worms. :(


This Certegy sucks. They won't cash my check and they won't say why except that it's nothing negitive on my part. Then way not cash the check.

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